Международная танцевальная организация

The International Dance Organization (IDO), is a World Dance- and Dancesport Federation with a membership of OVER 90 NATIONS, representing more than 250,000 DANCERS, from SIX CONTINENTS.

Do you want to DANCE WITH THE BEST, and participate in the many CHAMPIONSHIP AND WORLD CUP EVENTS, then contact your National Federation for information on its qualifying events.

The International Dance Organization (IDO) was founded as a non-profit organization on September 18, 1981 by Mr. Moreno Polidori, in Florence, Italy. The original founding member nations were Italy, France, Switzerland and Gibraltar. Mr. Polidori was appointed General Secretary and drew up the original statutes, by-laws and rules that governed the organization.

At that time, the main purpose of the organization was to provide Continental and World Championship competitions to both amateur and professional dancers, in all forms of dance, not covered by the World Dance & Dance Sport Council, the International Dance Sport Federation and the World Rock 'n Roll Confederation.